I specialize in portraits rendered in pastel

to generate a warmth that photos do not capture


To have a portrait done of your beloved animal you will need to send a good quality photo. This makes my job easy. If you only have snapshots, then you may need to send several photos from which I can make a composite. e.g. the eye colour from this the body colour from that the shape from another etc. If I am unable to meet your pet then please tell me something about it so that I gain an empathy and can put some personality into the portrait.

Although the majority of requests for portraits are usually to do cats, dogs and horses. As an artist I really enjoy doing portraits of most living things, insects, birds, deer, zoo animals and people. Oil paintings of landscapes is also a favourite.

Mediums I am happy to use are, pencil, graphite, pen and ink, pastel or oil paint.

I am also happy to do commission orders of any size for either acrylic or oil paintings for both individuals and corporate business.

Teaching diploma and commercial arts diploma


The best buzz I have had from the arts would be in learning to teach art.