Drawing Classes

These are run over a ten week period. teaching basics through to advanced techniques, based on observation and right brain training. If you have never drawn anything before you could go from drawing stick figures to completing a recognisable portrait by the end of the course.
For those who can already draw the course will fill you with confidence, and put more tools in your toolbox to help you take your work to the next level. Learn graphite, pen and ink, colour pencil, and pastel.

Painting Classes

These focus on using a limited pallet
Oil painting would have to be the cheapest painting method to learn.  based on three primary colours. one red, one yellow, one blue and a large white with a few soft brushes and a canvas or board is all you need.
Unleash your artist within and learn to paint.


Art meditation / Anti stress  classes

Using the right brain balances out the left brain stresses we face on a daily basis.
Learn tricks to engage the right brain and de-stress.

Contact me for more information on these classes

Phone: (+64) 6 758 3285

Mobile: 027 674 2189

Email: chris@petpix.co.nz